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If any opportunities for studentships or post doc positions arise, I will advertise them on this page. For PhD students intereting in developing their own project, please email me with a CV and a short outline of your ideas.

Current opportunities: This position has closed.

cabin in snowSenescence is the deteriorative changes that occur in an individual with increasing age. It had been previously believed that senescence was synchronous across physiological systems and phenotypic traits in a given species, but recent evidence suggest this is not the case. Understanding how senescence varies across different traits and how these underpin differences in life history strategies is a key evolutionary question. Black grouse have been studied for a number of years and have formed the basis of many studies on mate choice, sexual selection and recently on age-specific trait expression. This recent work indicates very differing life history strategies with some males undergoing senescent declines and others not.

This PhD project will use considerable pre-existing data and with the potential to collect new data, to (a) estimate age-dependent selection on multiple traits in a natural population of black grouse Lyrurus tetrix, (b) combine this with cross-life history analyses (short- versus long-lived individuals) examining markers of senescent decline in key traits and (c) examine the genetic basis of synchrony of senescence across traits.

Candidates must have a good honours degree, or a relevant Masters degree or equivalent. A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 (or equivalent) will be required, where appropriate.

To apply: Please contact me (csoulsbury@lincoln.ac.uk) to discuss the details of the project and suitability for application. Please include your CV and a covering letter and include reference number CS2016LS on all correspondence. This is a fully-funded position with stipend and fees covering three years.

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